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Our Mission  

        Is to serve you, the client, either as an advisor, hands-on assistant or both.  This can be achieved by either a one-time consultation or on a ongoing basis.

        The business owner of a growing company finds it difficult being an expert in all facets of the business.  There are situations when company staff members lack the experience, or it is simply a matter of not enough time.

        You, as a business owner, may desire a professional viewpoint or guidance relative to the present or future of your business.  Perhaps ongoing accounting and financial advice is desired.  Or maybe it's time to upgrade the computer and software.  We specialize in installing and training for computerized accounting systems.

Company Profile

        We assists businesses throughout the country in profit planning, organization of records and productivity, as well as providing the best affordable professional domain design and hosting service.

        John Rhodes Associates has over 25 years of marketing, management, counseling and teaching experience.  This combined with the knowledge of up-to-date technology greatly enhances the ability to serve our client's concerns.

Contact Information

        Call us or E-mail us today for a no fee analysis of how John Rhodes Associates can help enhance your business.

3480 Uphill Terrace
Jacksonville, Florida   32225
(877) 812-4479        Fax  (904) 374-6153

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